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We offer web development services to cater any specific need of our customers; our web development services are centred on providing high quality websites that is just right for your business. The Experiience's team of developers has proven expertise in development of Web Portals, E-commerce sites, CRM solutions and Content Management Systems.

We build a wide spectrum of online PHP-based solutions ranging from simple websites to complex enterprise applications driven by the flexibility and power of best-in-class PHP frameworks like Laravel, Zend, Symfony, Yii and Codelgniter. Our PHP team maintains most demanding and complex projects, covering all the vital security, performance and scalability aspects; their expertise also covers the development of Enterprise Portals, Customer Portals and Corporate & Promo Websites.

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Our PHP web development services include: • Custom php development • Php based cms development • Php web development • E-commerce development • Php/mysql development • Portal development solutions • Corporate website development • Web application development

No matter how complex your idea for website might be, we at The Experiience ensure that your idea fructifies to the simplest form so that a layman can also understand its purpose. Web Development is complex and technical term per se, but we simplify it with the use of right coding, attractive interfaces and simple language. We understand the importance of your requirement because in the virtual universe, your website is the face of your business.

Website Design And Redesign

We at The Expreriience give utmost importance to the web design because it is the design that essentially defines the nature of your business and brings meaning to your website. Our high quality custom website design services are tailored for making compelling designs, advance features and preference of easy navigation. With millions of websites floating in the internet universe, we make your website stand out of the crowd by striking a perfect balance among color, text, layout, design and graphics. By keeping ourselves at par with the latest trends, technologies and designs we can help your website become attractive and competitive.
We offer a wide variety of website design services, including

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Every aspect of design has a particular language or software with the help of which we design websites. We provide standard web tools and programming applications in developing a custom website design. The most common ones used by us include HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript. While HTML is used for webpages, CSS is used for layout and appearance of the webpages. The nature of your website demands the way we use these tools.

While creating any website, we give utmost importance to its appearance. It will take only 5-7 seconds to decide whether the user should dig deeper or see another site for his purpose. So, in a way your website be judged in only 5 seconds. Here is where we come in. It is our duty towards the website that we make it attractive enough that it inspires the user to dig deeper. Fonts are something that gives etiquette to a website. You will never find a professional website having a circular or a flowery font; neither will a humorous website have a professional font. At The Experiience we exactly know how to synchronize colors and fonts with the theme of a website.

Let’s see it, no one has the time to read an entire article or a blog in any website. Usually a user will read the headlines and derive meaning from graphics if given. A website cannot be successful without quality design while fonts are equally important. Hence, we have professionals who can balance the significance of both in a bid to provide maximum value to the user.

Normally speaking colours are of less importance given that the real importance of any web design lies in layout, graphics and fonts. But what the deciders fail to understand is that even the best website in the internet universe can get low ratings just because of misfit colours. The aesthetic sense of our team can transform the look of an average website into the league of extra-ordinaries.

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Content Management System

acts as a control panel of your website; it is a system that is created to manage the content of the entire website. Hence, we make sure the CMS of your website is simple and user-friendly. CMS can be of various types and can be built on various interfaces, which commonly include names like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. We also make sure that the interface we build for CMS also helps you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is of utmost importance in today’s world as it dictates where your website stands in a search engine.

Through our CMS websites you can manage the entire content, on the frontend as well as backend. Building CMS from ground Zero essentially depends on the reason why a website is made. Building a CMS vary from one website to another, however, elements like Web publishing, indexing, search and format are common in almost all sites.

Apart from the technical stuff, we make sure that the CMS, which we build, also takes care of the SEO, digital marketing, social media and advertising aspect of the website. There are various plug-ins available from the CMS, which can help the website optimize itself in SEO and digital marketing. While building a website we make sure that our client is informed of all possible options which can help the website’s rankings while making it famous at the same time.

E-Commerce Development

If you are looking for a complete e-commerce solution then you are at the right place. At The Experiience we provide end to end e-commerce solutions that will become a driving force for your successful business. The e-commerce solutions provided by us are viable, powerful and take care of your each and every small requirement. Our strategy of making e-commerce websites are tailor-made and entirely depends upon the client’s requirement. We undergo various hits and trials in terms of web development, design and CMS so that the end product is impeccable. Developing e-commerce site demands a lot of attention. Two of the most common needs we cater to include are the high end design and its responsiveness.

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When the business offered through website is e-commerce, it just takes one look for user to become your permanent customer. The decider of this is the design and ease of access we provide to the website. The designs provided by us are in line with the latest technology and trend.

Today technology is dominated by smartphones. Hence, it becomes very important for us to build a website in such a way that users can use a website in tabloid, PC and smartphones. In fact, we also take care of the fact that the website is perfectly compatible with different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and windows.

Fresh design and ease of access is just the fundamental requirement of any e-commerce website. Apart from focusing on these two factors, we ensure that the site’s entire functionality including stock management, invoicing system, payment gateway, customer management and discounts are strongly integrated in the e-commerce website. While building a website, we would also suggest the best interface on which the site should be built. Usually the site is built on Opencart, Wordpress and Magento. We specialize in all of them. Apart from these factors, we also make sure that the e-commerce site is highly optimized, with the help of SEO, so that it gets great ranking in the search engine.

Be it a new e-commerce site or an existing site, which needs to be changed, the ultimate motive of The Experiience is to help client driving more and more traffic towards the website with the help of optimization through design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Please note that our work does not complete after building website. With the help of our customer support system we ensure that the site built by us is operating without glitches in the real world.

Custom Made ERP

Ideally, custom made ERP’s are supposed to align with business processes and aid in achieving target goals. ERPs can be developed to encompass Business process management, HR management systems, Appraisal systems, Lead management, Inventory management, Work-flow management etc. If you believe in running an organization effectively and ensure maximum utilization of resources, then ERP can be your helping hand for it. Ensuring accurate and transparent flow of data, reduce redundancy, increased customer satisfaction are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of an ERP. Technology should be available to aid your organization irrespective of its size. At The Experiience, we believe everyone should be able to reap the benefits of technological advancements. Let an ERP aid you double growth rate.

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