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Mobile applications have become a part of marketing and branding strategy in today’s fast moving life, where speed has become a necessity; hence we created a team of mobile application experts who can help clients on an end to end basis for their mobile application requirements. We have a team that makes our clients experience the power of cutting-edge mobile applications for any service of their choice.

iOS Applications

Our experts in the field of iOS application handles from web service development to core native iphone operations like GPS, push messaging, in-App purchases and augmented reality, which is significant for any iOS applications. Before getting into app development, we insist our clients to define project requirement and proposed budget. Depending on these factors we analyse, create content and plan the life cycle of app. We also take care of the guidelines laid out by Apple so that the client’s app does not get involved in any legal issues. While giving importance to iPhone simulators, we take note of the latest version and compatibly ratio while building an app. And finally, we check if the User Interface (UI) is compatible for the app. After many trails and feedback (through ratings), we deliver the perfect app for any business of your choice.


Android Applications

As of now, Android is the most popular and best selling operating system, hence, we have also mastered the art of making apps for the Android devices. Our expert developers always keep a balanced approach for the development of Android Apps as it is too important to make out the need of self-control in functionality and the high significance of visual appeal when designing user interface. Like iOS, we urge our clients to draw us the project along with budget they are ready to allocate. After having the details, we strategize, design, develop and test the app. After multiple processes of testing, we roll out the beta stage of app. After receiving feedback and fixing the glitches, we roll out the final product.

Windows Applications

Keeping the upcoming boom growing demand for apps on Windows, the team Expreiince, has mastered the art of making apps for windows as well. Since the compatible ratio is different in case of Windows, we take extra caution while building an app for this OS. We have a strong and technically competent team of Windows application developers with expertise in .Net Compact Framework, C#, J2ME, C++ and similar technical aspect, to handle any tough tasks. Our highly creative designing team assures the best interface for any app and rolls out the final product only after passing through various tests, feedbacks and trials.


Hybrid Applications

Our expertise in the field of cross platform mobile app development, allows a single source development approach, which provides great cost saving advantage by developing a single codebase, which can be used to build applications for multiple platforms such as Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and windows mobile. This can be deployed on various platforms with minimum changes . We have a strong track record of creating powerful cross platform mobile apps using Cordova Phonegap, Intel Xdk, Titanium Appcelerator, Xamarin and other cross platform mobile frameworks.

Any app which is built becomes a hit only when it lives up to the user’s speed. If it is not, then we take the app back in the beta stage to fix the restrictions it is facing. We take extra precaution in building apps because one small mistake can cause a major glitch, which in turn can lower the app’s rating. As we said before, client satisfaction is our sole destination.

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