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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps your business to generate better prospects in the market where your advertisements fail to reach. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) assures better page ranking in best Search Engines. SEM is a type of Online Marketing which is used to increase the Visibility & Page Rank of a website and analysing how many impressions taking place for the particular keywords.

The main part in SEM is carefully monitoring the analytics. There are both free and paid softwares available for the Analysis. The traffic & bounce rate, search analytics and much more are available and this is much useful for Best Ranking of the website.

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Rewriting the website’s content sometimes help for better page ranks. A simple content everyone can write, but writing content which Search Engines like and the content which can be crawled by the Search Engines and the content with the related keywords is a challenge which is counted for the best ranking in your favourite Search Engines.

Better Keywords always pay more. It is one of the effective methods for the best ranking in the SERP. Keywords should be choosen carefully according to the location, Category, Competition and Traffic. The keywords should be with higher search results and lower or medium Competition.

PPC(Pay Per Click) is paid service provided by most of the search engines like Google, Bing, etc., for better access to the site. In this the visibility of a site is increased and amount is paid in per click basis. Here again the Keywords play the main role.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If content is the king then SEO is a tool that makes it a kingmaker. SEO is a very powerful tool which is usually used to improve a website’s ranking in search engines like Google.sss According to the recent reports: 93% of consumers’ worldwide use search engines to find and access websites. – Source: Forrester Research. 85% of qualified Internet traffic is driven through search engines, however 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results. – Source: Seventh WWW User Survey – Georgia Institute of Technology

Our SEO strategy involves:

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We have a team of professionals whose expertise lay in creating SEO-backed content and can pen down write-ups on any topic that lifts up website’s rankings in search engine every time a user enters words.

Before creating any write-ups we thoroughly study Google’s or any other search engine’s algorithm so that we exactly know the most searched words in each search engine. After jotting down those words, we create a strategy and a list of topics based on which our professionals create content. When the content, equipped with SEO rich key words, is uploaded over and over again, your website’s popularity increases which ultimately results in higher rankings.

Content provided by The Experiience would be the best choice as we have many professionals who are versatile enough to provide an article, blog or SEO-backed piece on any given topic as per your requirement. We have subject experts to handle the industry of your choice. Our work does not stop when we complete writing an article. It stops when our client is satisfied with the write-up. If not, we again consult them to know and deliver their exact requirement.

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Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, social media is the simplest and the best way to promote a brand or a product of any company, irrespective of it being small, medium, large or a startup. Harness the magical power of Social Media is perhaps the best choice to reach the right audience in today’s digital age. Even a small venture running on a shoe-string budget can gain traction from the masses trough the right use of social media.

Given the right amount of investment, in terms of money and time, your product can reach millions in minutes. When it comes to social media there is absolutely no one in the market that can beat our strategy to make your offering famous. There are endless ways to market your products or services through social media; however, we have experts to manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


We offer end to end solutions when it comes to marketing on social media. Any client who has absolutely no knowledge of social media can also consult us without any reluctance. Right from building a page to posting daily or weekly updates, all are taken care of by us under a limited budget.

Yes, any person in the world using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can create a page and post blogs. But this way no one can make the impact which actually results into conversion from user to customer. Before even taking up the project, we do a comprehensive research on the user behaviour of all the intended social media channels. We also check as to which social media channel will pull maximum crowd to the post. We do research to ascertain the preferences of the crowd that logs in at different times of the day and then formulate a strategy to ensure maximum clicks on your website.

Obviously in the beginning client has to shell out a few bucks to kick-start a following or liking a page, but over a period of time leveraging on great strategy and content we can assure you snowball effect by creating better organic traffic towards your website. The Experiience creates time lines and deadline with the given amount of budget well before and follow it dedicatedly to gain organic traction.

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